Alibaba Product Customization process question

QuestionsAlibaba Product Customization process question
Woo asked 7 months ago

Hi, I would like to ask a question about some of confusion I am experiencing during the customization stage. Thanks.

You found a product and the factory which manufacture it. You would like to do more than slight changes to the existing product. It’s a product that involves machine sewing.

Is this better to make a your version of customization by yourself and send that sample to the factory? This might eliminate many confusion and hassle. OR do people send their design ideas to the factory and start the communication from there?

The reason for asking: If I am doing massive customization like changing materials and adding additional materials how can factory give me the unit price? since the product doesn’t exist? Without knowing the unit cost it will be hard to know your RIO right?

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1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 7 months ago

Yes I think it’s better to send your own prototype ( but also the design files ) to the supplier. This way the supplier can give you an accurate estimate.
Well you can just send your designs to the supplier and the supplier will calculate his cost and base your prices on this.

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